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March 08, 2005

Skip's PVC Blog

Skip_1Just a quick welcome to our newest blogger, Skip. He's going to ramble on about PVC and other assorted tidbits. He packs a six shooter so think twice before you mess with him. Skip's been a contributor here on plastics.com.. well, forever.  He must be older than dirt!

Got PVC questions or stories? Drop skip a line at skip AT plastics.com

By the way, Why does plastics attact all the industry curmudgeons?  :)  And there must be some kind of secret curmudgeon association because it seems they all know each other, hmmm.

Even worse, I fear I may be invited into it!


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Many thanks, Greg!
Yes, alot of us "old curmudgeons" do know each other from over the last 40-50 years as coworkers,competitors,and associates in SPE. This is especially true for the PVC industry,a fairly close-knit family of companys and individuals sharing specific common interests.

Looking up the definition of "curmudgeon"----"a cantankerous person"--------no need for an invitation Greg----you're already there!!!!:D:D

Next stage for all of us is "Geezer"-----"an eccentric old man"!!!!:D:D


You guys have a wonderful website intending the following, KIU!

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