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3 posts from April 2005

April 24, 2005

What goes around...

Today's little entry has little to do with plastics, or my second favorite topic here, computers and the net. But it was delightfully entertaining to me, so I should share, right?

So I'm at the supermarket with the wife, maintaining tight control over the shopping basket. Funny but I feel naked there if I'm not the one pushing the basket. So anyway, I'm on hold while the wife is nearby staring at various foods.  She does that. Seems like the selections overwhelms her and she goes into a trance like state requiring me to snap her out of it sometimes, but I digress.

So I'm standing there, off to the side to not block traffic, and I'm just looking around and a man with basket and kids following is approaching...

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April 06, 2005

Welcome to "The Spiral Path" Blog

Welcome to Bill Davis's new plastics.com blog: The Spiral Path
Musings on Injection Molding, the Materials, the Machinery, the Magic

Bill claims he is only an 'apprentice' curmudgeon, working on his 'journeyman' status but there's probably no quicker way to achieve it than blogging about Dustin Hoffman, hehe.

Bill is President of MSI Associates based in Maryland and working in the areas of Plastic Product and Injection Mold Design, Moldmaking, Project Management, and Consultants to the Plastics Industry.

His web site has a great name: www.PlasticExperts.com  Welcome Bill, you're now well on your way to journeyman curmudgeon.

April 04, 2005

Tough Week

Last week was tough. First, we had a difficult time w/a new email server, server's name is Hyatt, with getting some new software to work. This machine is scheduled to replace an older email server. So after working on it myself for a good part of a week I finally figured it out, tested it and Eureka! it worked!  Then...

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