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September 06, 2005

So... What's your name?

Plastics.com welcomes our new main sponsor: The National Plastics Center.  Under their sponsorship we're building an entirely new site, linked with their new site and sharing a common interface.

We're launching our new site section by section and the blogs here will keep you informed of our progress and upcoming additions. As we start the new site, we'll have our most popular function, the Community Forums, up and running, as well as the basic NPC content.

When the new sites launch, incomplete modules will link back here to indicate their status within the build plan.

Here is a list of whats coming and the updated status of each section...

What's being worked on right now?
Currently we're completing the transfer of NPC content to the new sites.

What will be worked on next?
Industry News and Email Newsletters

Resources Area Status

Advanced Search: Programming complete, awaiting integration
Free Trade Magazines: awaiting partner look/feel integration
Definitions: Live by September 9th
Acronyms: Live by September 9th
Tradenames: Live by September 9th
Material Resources: Simply waiting for our partner to update the look/feel to go live.

Community Area Status
Forums: Complete
Industry Events: Main programming complete, some custom tweaking still to go
Industry News: In final testing, should be live within days
Careers Center: Awaiting some final work by vendor, live in September
Newsletters: Live by September 16th
Hall of Fame: Linked In

The NPC Content Status
Will all be live by September 9th

Marketplace Area Status
Auctions: Software being installed, live in September
Classifieds: Software being installed, live in September
Plastics Bookstore: Final tweaking and adding of inventory, live in September
Plastics Gear Store: Final tweaking and adding of inventory, live in September

Support Us Area Status
Will all be live by September 9th


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Greg - update on the missing forum photo's when you get a chance.

Thank you sir.


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