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2 posts from October 2005

October 06, 2005

Everybody Out!

*Shakes off the road dust, looks around*
OK folks, this is our new home, lets move in!

Latest News...

Items broken

  • none we're aware of

Items still in production for launch this month

  • add npc donations functionality
  • classifieds
  • auctions
  • gift/stuff shop
  • datasheets
  • online seminars
  • email newsletters
  • other admin stuff you don't care about

Things you can NOW do on plastics.com

Thats it for now. Enjoy!

October 03, 2005

OK We're here

This is a post with an update of our major re-launch status
Simply doing a period of debugging on existing modules and beginning to bring on line some new modules. Sorry it's so boring, more boring details later!



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