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August 03, 2009

Plastics Internet History - Polylinks

Polylinks circa 1994 Harken back to yesteryear again, this time for Poly-Links!

Poly-Links is plastics.com's grandfather (polymers.com is the father) and was the very first plastics portal or plastics community ever.

While rummaging through our archives I came across an almost intact version of our very first site, Poly-Links. And I came across our 'exact' birthday, November 7th, 1994. Previously we only had this date down to the month of Nov. Now we can hold a proper birthday party. You're all invited.

Poly-Links predated all other plastics sites except for an uploaded set of images from the GE Plastics brochure. At first it linked engineering links and polymer academics as they were the only useful links around, but it grew quickly.

Poly-Links, which was renamed polymers.com in 1995, then plastics.com in 2000, and predated all other plastics pioneers; polysort, plasticsnet, etc.

Modeled like an early day yahoo, it was clean and simple. Of humorous note, we even had foreign 'mirror sites' because international internet connections were tenuous and very slow at the time!

In any event, we put it back online for those archivists and plastics historians who want to... 'Harken Back to yesteryear' circa 1994.


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