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December 21, 2009

Are bio plastics competing with food crops?

Thats the question we are asking today...

Crops Are bio plastics competing with food crops? Are we just replacing one problem with another?

Just read a great article on Cereplast's technology to make plastics from potatoes and algae but it didn't address the question: in a world w/hungry people, does crop based plastics make sense?

Frederic Scheer, the CEO of Cerplast and it's main inventor of the technologies does make the claim that

"Each time you create one kilo of traditional polypropylene, you create 3.15 kilos of carbon dioxide. When we create one kilo of bio-propylene, we create 1.40 kilos of carbon dioxide, so clearly you have a substantial saving with respect to greenhouse gases, creating a much better carbon footprint for the product"

The answer may be in algae conversion, a process Cereplast is working on, but we'd like to see more detail on crop based plastics (or alternatives) versus the need for food crops.

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