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January 03, 2011

My News Years Resolution... Blog More and Now Some History

Ok, so I take a year off here and there, so what?

Anyway, some news on plastics.com if you haven't visited lately. 

This June 20th will mark our official tenth birthday using the domain name plastics.com!

Even older than that, we started in 1994 as polylinks, then polymers.com early in 1995!

Here is the History of Polymers.com - Plastics.com Polymers-home110x335

In 1994, a small high-tech compounder of engineering plastics, Phoenix Polymers Inc., launched the first plastics portal as part of it's corporate web site. That section of the site was known as Poly-Links.

Wildly popular, in 1995, it was spun off into it's own site with the domain name polymers.com. The site offered industry links and ares for resumes, articles, chat and much more.

Ziff-Davis named it one the ten most significant technology sites worldwide in 1996.

So popular and full of potential, key managment of Phoenix Polymers soon sold their interest in that firm to pursue plastics related internet ventures full time and in the person of Greg Koski, founder, still do today at plastics.com, llc.

This pioneer site helped influence many followup sites such as PolySort, PlasticsNet, Omnexus and more.

Polymers.com went on to win many substanial web awards during the nineties including several international awards from industry organizations as well as internet entities.


Please note, the logo used above is our 'vintage' circa 1995 original logo.

TOP10MED2 A sucessful and profitable site since inception, it underwent a name change in the year 2000 to become plastics.com. Plastics.com being perceived as the better of the two names for directly serving the plastics industry.

The domain has been kept active and pointing at plastics.com since then to take advantage of search engine rankings and links.

For those interested, a web archive shows some of what the site looked like in 1997:

PDC web.archive.org 1997

Today, plastics.com carries on with the same mission and goals, servicing tens of thousands of members who make up the world's largest plastics internet community.


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