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June 25, 2011

Plast-Ex Canada Trade Show Report by Formech Inc.

Nic Neath of our partner, Formech Inc., is reporting from Plast-Ex in Toronto, Canada where his company is exhibiting the latest in thermoforming (vacuum-forming) equipment.

His report is encouraging for the industry in general as he reports a lot of traffic, a lot of interest.

Nic's Comments from his 'Day Two' notes...

- plenty of trade thermoformers

- loads of people that are into injection molding. They are always surprised by the low cost of our machines and tooling. Some even considered Formech for their single cavity molds.

- a lot of the show goers where from Canada but there were also a lot people from the Mid-west. Plenty of traffic from the Canadian and Michigan auto industry.

This photo shows the increased amount of people.

This next photo is a pic of our 508FS demonstrating its unique 'pre-stretch' ability.


FYI - They expected about 5,000 attendees per day, there were 723 booths available and 687 of them were rented. Just to give you an idea of volume.

Thanks for the update Nic!  Should anyone want to get in touch with Formech, here is there contact info:

Nic Neath
Formech Inc.
Head of North American Sales
773.656.2757 - direct
312.396.4072 - office
312.396.4073 - fax
[email protected]






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