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Greg Koski, is the original pioneer of bringing the internet to the plastics industry. Starting in 1994 he launched polymers.com as a service site for the industry. This site, which won national critical attention, was named one of the top ten technology sites worldwide in 1996 by Ziff-Davis. Polymers.com preceded all other plastics public sites, deceased or existing. Plastics.com is the direct descendant of that, designed and built by the same award winning team of plastics internet specialists and launched in June of 2000.

An alumnus of the University of Massachusetts Plastics Engineering program, Mr. Koski worked for over thirty years in the plastics industry as a bit of a renaissance man performing feats of engineering, management marvels, international technology transfer intrigue and entrepreneurial adventures before discovering the internet.

Over the years Mr. Koski has designed innovative processing equipment, patented a chemical recycling process, started several companies, (some of them successfully) experienced the venture capital industry from the entrepreneurs perspective, and been a successful writer and speaker internationally.

For the last fifteen years he has worked exclusively in plastics marketing, leading the plastics.com llc creative team, and has won multiple creative awards, including a Boston Art Club Hatch Award.

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Greg Koski
Plastics.com LLC Tech Center
225 Industrial Road
Fitchburg, Ma 01420

telephone 978.342.9000

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