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June 21, 2005

Hacker's War Proposal

Today on Fox I heard a report that said that suicide bombers were mostly being recruited via islamic web sites and I got an idea...

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June 16, 2005

if stumpy can do it, so can I

"The signs of disrespect are all around us. We are living in a smash-mouth culture in which extremists dominate public debate to the point of hijacking it."
  --University of Pennsylvania president Amy Gutmann, in a speech to the graduating class at Wesleyan (Conn.) University, as quoted by the New York Times via Peter King, SI, via Stumpy-p.com

(hey if stumpy can do it, so can I)

March 05, 2005

Greg meets the Mafia...maybe

Ok, ok so I promised to write about my mafia experience... I guess I should do it since I said I would, but after this, no more war stories for a while.   Oh, unless I decide to tell you about my experiences with communists in Bulgaria. But thats another story. And so it all began...

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February 06, 2005

Superbowl time is Chili time!

No plastics today. Today its football and chili.

The superbowl will start soon and I'm busy making our family recipe chili.  Nothing goes with football like Chili. Ok maybe except Buffalo Wings.  One of my boys, Wayne, made Buffalo Wings while tailgating at Foxboro Stadium. They were SOOO hot as to be practically inedible. We basically abandoned them as I recall.

I've found out through experience when Buffalo Wings have a funny light brown color instead of reddish, is everyone is watching when you go to eat one... don't! Learned that from Sean Hussey.

My chili is of a medium heat to maximize the amount of family members who partakre, but the heat is easily adjusted bowl to bowl.  Our recipe was developed over a ten year period of experimentaion, then locked in.  You too can experience our chili via the recipe at Chililabs.com.

The Patriots are about to win (my prediction) and I'm thinking possible blow out. You never know though. The pats organization is a model of excellence that makes me think of my shortcomings. If only I could attain that level of discipline and organization. Well, something to strive for.

January 30, 2005

Me and Plastics - circa 1972

or... How I ended up as a plastics engineer

I planned on becoming an oceanographer and applied to the University of Hawaii. I had some backup colleges but thats the one I wanted.  I had trouble qualifing for many as I didn't have the language requirement having gone to a trade high school, rather than a conventional high school.

Anyway, I got accepted and my mother intercepted and destroyed the letter. (She never should have confessed that! I still have issues)  I figured they didn't want me and decided to go to Lowell Technological Institute, now U Mass Lowell as an undeclared engineering major student. (Undeclared as to which engineering degree as they all take the same courses freshman year).

So they had this thing called freshman seminar where upperclassmen from different majors would come talk to you once a week, and one week a senior from the plastics engineering department showed up.

I had been thinking of mechanical engineering as my major and had a strong interest in chemistry too, and as I listened this kid said that the plastics program was a cross between a mech eng degree and a chemistry degree. I sat up, started listening.  Then he said it was a very cool place where you were often on a first name basis with your professors and they even took tests for one class up at a local bar (sssh don't tell anyone).  Now I was listening intently.

Then he said, "Oh and we've had 100% placement and the highest starting salary among all majors since 1954!"

That was all I needed. After class I went right down and signed up. The rest is history, as they say.

Anyway, about the Hawaii thing... I'd have never made it in that environment. I had trouble staying out of trouble in Lowell, Massachusetts never mind Hawaii, with the beaches, and the weather, and the girls.

It all worked out for the best. Otherwise someone else would be running plastics.com today!

January 26, 2005

Me and Plastics - circa 1962

Vacuform_1It all started for me around 1962 when, as a nine year old, I was given my first plastics production machinery, a thermoformer.  I was delighted to be able to mass produce toy boats and carelessly sail them down the stream, carefree in the knowledge that I could just go home and mass produce more. And so it started.



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