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October 06, 2005

Everybody Out!

*Shakes off the road dust, looks around*
OK folks, this is our new home, lets move in!

Latest News...

Items broken

  • none we're aware of

Items still in production for launch this month

  • add npc donations functionality
  • classifieds
  • auctions
  • gift/stuff shop
  • datasheets
  • online seminars
  • email newsletters
  • other admin stuff you don't care about

Things you can NOW do on plastics.com

Thats it for now. Enjoy!

October 03, 2005

OK We're here

This is a post with an update of our major re-launch status
Simply doing a period of debugging on existing modules and beginning to bring on line some new modules. Sorry it's so boring, more boring details later!

September 25, 2005

We'll be there in an hour... Stop asking!

Well, we're getting somewhere. Most of the tranistion will occur this weekend, 24th-25th of Sept., then we'll debug a bit and move on to launching the modules we've promised.

As of Sunday morning, things are messy, please excuse. Should have most cleaned up for Monday morning.

September 22, 2005

Are we there yet?

Lapadvance300 Soon....very soon

We're on the last stages of the new lauch. Only another day or two. At first the new site will simply be a superficial change of the neww look and feel, but shortly afterwards our new modules will kick in for...

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September 06, 2005

So... What's your name?

Plastics.com welcomes our new main sponsor: The National Plastics Center.  Under their sponsorship we're building an entirely new site, linked with their new site and sharing a common interface.

We're launching our new site section by section and the blogs here will keep you informed of our progress and upcoming additions. As we start the new site, we'll have our most popular function, the Community Forums, up and running, as well as the basic NPC content.

When the new sites launch, incomplete modules will link back here to indicate their status within the build plan.

Here is a list of whats coming and the updated status of each section...

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