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January 12, 2011

Free Plastics.com Buyers Guide Entry & Link Building

Hi all,

Today I want to remind folks that plastics.com has a buyers guide that allows for a free listing. Our membership includes over 5,000 members ID'ed as purchasing agent. The guide is located at buyersguide.plastics.com  

Now, in addition to us here simply wanting our directory to be very full, there is a reason that EVERY PLASTICS FIRM in the world should WANT to be listed here. That reason? Link Building!

As google's search engine algorithm has evolved over the years, mainly in trying to subvert black hat seo-ers, google has become much more sophisticated in the details of what will rank your site highly.

One of the MOST important factors now is;

  • how many external links from other sites point to your site?
  • how relevant and trusted are those sites?


At first, you could simply load up on junk links from anyone, and that worked. No longer. Now, it HAS to be a relevent site or you actually can get your rankings punished, if you link to many non-relevent sites or to sites google knows as link farms or any other site that has many unrelevent sites linked to it.

Now, your links MUST be relevant. Plastics.com is relevant to anyone within the plastics industry and our buyers guide provides you with that valuable link.

We need to mention Google Page Rank. It is an adequate tool for determing how important (or valuable) your site is. The rank goes from 0-9 and each step up is exponential. So an amazon.com or ebay.com will be a 9. A brand new site will be a zero. Most small business sites site in the 3-4 range.

Now, google ranks the importance of your link. So a link to your site from a Page Rank 6 site (like plastics.com) is worth literally dozens upon dozens of links from sites in the 3-4 range.

Plastics.com has what google terms as a high trust level as it is SO OLD (over ten years) and has such a lengthy history of being a valuable plastics resource.

Check your web site's linkage score free, here:
Check your web site google page rank free, here:

So there isn't a site in the world that should hesitate to get a link from ANY high ranked plastics site. Unfortunately, many small business owners don't know this. Don't be one of those!

The fact that most small businesses are clueless is actually a big advantage to you (reading this). Go build some links and, all other things being equal, you will be killing your competitors on google.

Use the tools above to check your rank and your link quantity versus your competitors.

This is also an easy thing to assign to a staffer. Get (and give) links to all of your relevant contacts, clients, etc.

Now, here at plastics.com we've gone a step further. We've set it up so that YOU can have a link from plastics.com to you at no charge. Just go to the buyersguide.plastics.com and follow the instructions for the free registration.


If you have any questions or would like to do this online right along with us, simply call our staff number at 1-978-602-8123 and we'll be glad to help.

A simple win-win for everyone. See you on plastics.com!

PS: I have a Link Building article on our site as well:

Link Building 101 Article by Greg Koski


May 31, 2005

The one armed paper hanger

Both the best and worst part of my job is how silly busy I am! It's what I get for having too many skills, right? Ha. Just kidding... sort of.  Back before the internet imploded in 2000 (remember that?) we had upwards of ten to twelve employees. Then our clients (dotcoms) kept going out of business...

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