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February 23, 2005

Going to the Dentist

Whenever, I hear a talk on nanocomposites, someone invariably asks, "What good is this stuff ? or Where are the Applications?"  Ususally the answer is that they are coming.  Well here is an application you can sink your teeth into.   
U.S Patent # 6,855,197
Tooth Cavity Restoration with Nanocomposite of Epoxy Resin and Nanoparticles
February 15, 2005
Wei-Fang Su, Shih0Pos Sun and Min Chen (National Taiwan University)
A tooth filling consist of a nanocomposite consisting of an epoxy resin, nano-oxide particles, a photoinitiator and a photosensitizer.  The principle advantage is low shrinkage.
Low shrinkage seems a very desirable quality it many other applications.  Yes --- nanocomposites aren't just coming! they are here. (RDC)


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