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February 19, 2005



Magnetic materials have always intrigued me besides being useful for attaching things to refrigerators doors.  Magnetic fillers gives an opportunity for control in a materials subject to an off and on switch.  Control is a good thing and enables us to give free rein to our creativity.
6,849,195 Composites with large magnetostriction  February 1, 2005 Basheer; Rafil A. (Rochester Hills, MI); Morelli; Donald T. (White Lake, MI) Delphi Technologies, Inc. (Troy, MI)

Magnetostrictive composites may show large magnetostrictions for 2-50 vol. % magnetostrictive particles in a resin matrix. Such a matrix consists of a thermosetting resin, an amine curing agent, fumed silica and a flexibilizing agent. The magnetostrictive particles are aligned in the direction of their magnetic easy axes by a magnetic field before or during curing.  An epoxy-Terfenol composite is formed by mixing an epoxy resin, fumed silica, a cycloaliphatic amine curing agent, and a flexibilizing agent with Terfenol particles and curing the mixture in the presence of a magnetic field. Highly metal-filled epoxy resins are generally rigid but brittle materials and may be subject to failure even under mild conditions. However, the magnetostrictive effects depend in part on the matrix elasticity. Therefore, lower loadings may be possible Terfenol/epoxy composites, show large magnetostrictions at lower volume filling fractions of Terfenol due to the softness of epoxy.There is thus a need to provide a less rigid magnetostrictive composite having large magnetostrictive properties and good mechanical properties, such that the material can be used in aggressive environments, such as automotive applications and the like.

How would you like to use such a material?  (RDC)





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