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February 24, 2005

Nanocomposites - The New Frontier

Polymer nanocomposite implants with enhanced transparency and mechanical properties for administration within humans or animals
February 15, 2005; Tapesh Yadav and Clayton Kostelecky or NanoProducts Corporation of Longmont, CO USA.

Today's patent is from  one of the newer companies around, founded in 1994 based on nanotechnology. Tapesh Yadav did his thesis work on nanoparticles and has founded his business on this technology.  So far they have an array of nanopartiocles for sale and have been involved in more than 250 compositions.  They can produce product on the order of 100.  The train has not only left the station, it is moving at a good clip.
This patent deals with transparent implants with nanofillers with a wide range of compositions.  These materials are useful for drug delivery, biomed devices  or dental implants.  --- even tooth fillings. (RDC)


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