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February 05, 2005

Patents --- Window to the Future

Patents --- The window to the future

The patent is special. It is a legal document giving the inventor a license to capitalize on his invention without competition in exchange for teaching us the-art.  In spite of the legalese, teaching happens with details not found in other literature.

Patents are forward looking. The holder is staking out a bit of the future for himself. Each document is a rising star on the technical horizon. It is a glimpse into the future. Perhaps it isn’t the same as your neighborhood fortune teller, but it is close.

For years I have been scouring the latest patents for those on plastics and, on the side, looking into the future. I see a dynamic, vital panorama as exciting as any thriller. I especially look for inventions that could dramatically change our technology. Often an early patent, as with so many first tries, may not go anywhere. But by the following year or the year after, someone will take the idea and run with it.

I plan to comment on a patent that strikes my fancy during my routine Patent Reviews.  I hope readers will respond and perhaps show how the ideas are already in action. I just finished a set of 100 patent links collectied from those published 1/25/2005. The one that intrigued me the most was:
Method of producing an electrically charged film

[This is a patent link.  If you click on it you will go to the text version on the US Patent website.  By clicking on the images you will get the verbatim copy. I consider these patents an extremely powerful resource --- and they are free. ]

Martin; Frederick H.
, Porchia; Jose and Grissmeyer; Julie M.
S. C. Johnson Home Storage, Inc. (Racine, WI)
"A method of producing an electrically charged film includes the steps of forming a molten thermoplastic material into a web, electrically charging the web while the web is at a temperature substantially at or above a solidification temperature thereof, cooling the web below the solidification temperature thereof after charging and winding the web into individual rolls immediately following the cooling step."

I have long felt that using electrical technology to modify and manipulate materials is very underveloped.  This putting permanent charges in a material is not particularly new but should lead to many interesting effects.  My furnance filter supposedly is charged and used to effectively remove dust.  The house does seem cleaner but who knows. 

This week I came across a weird patent which claims solve many problems of the world, such as reducing tornadoes, hurricanes, typhoons and on and on.  See for yourself ---

Apparatus for disturbing and removing electrons and protons from the atmosphere

Maybe there is hope for society yet.

Roger D. Corneliussen


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