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2 posts from April 2005

April 28, 2005

Morphology and Molding

Morphology is one areas that seem so common yet most don't really understand it.  Rarely does a patent specifically refer to the morphology generated by the process.  Allgeuer et al of Advanced Design Concept of Hanover Germany define a process of producing a multilayer profile with a fringed surface microstructure,  This is interesting but the outstanding is the extensive review in this patent of basic polymer science. It is so good, I think, it could be exanded into a textbook.  Oh to be teaching again. (RDC) US Patent #6,872,438
Profile or molding having a fringed surface structure

April 05, 2005

Golf with more Bang

US Patent 6,872,148 by Steven Lee descirbes a golf club which contains a propellant charge.  Apparently when one swings the charge goes off at the right time to give more push to the ball.  And I thought steroids were a problem.  Check this out.  Maybe if your game needs something, this is your answer! 6,872,148 Golf club


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