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2 posts from May 2005

May 27, 2005

Honey Bees

Bromenshenk and colleagues of the university have carried the use of animals to new levels.  They have trained honey bees to detect unexploded ordnances, land mines and even illicit drug laboratories.  Talk about using natural sensors!. (RDC)

Method and apparatus for conditioning honey bees

May 20, 2005


The debate rages on about the safety of plastics and their additives.   No one, I think, wants to do harm and yet we want to make materials and do things with them.  Everytime we turn around someone has found a new problem which shakes the industry to its core. George  D. Bittner has proposed one solution which although at first glance seems very restrictive  may point to the ultimate solution.  That is only use monomers and polymers from these monomers which  are proven to be completely safe.  Similarly use only additives which are proven safe.  The two polymers which pass are polyethylene and polypropylene and antioxidants including ethoxyquin, caronsine and so on.  Obviously this will not solve every problem and even this raises other unanswered questions.  Nevertheless it is an approach that deserves careful study. Lew Weisfeld --- any comment on this? (RDC)

Materials free of endocrine disruptive chemicals


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