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March 15, 2005

PVC's "Good Ole Days"??

As the song says---"Do You Remember??----"

When gasoline was $0.28-30/gallon?

Vinyl Chloride Monomer at $0.045/lb.?

S-PVC Resin at $0.095/lb.?

DOP at $0.18-20/lb.? (often called "liquid filler")

Ba/Cd/Zn Stabilizers at $0.30-0.40/lb.?

Tin Mercaptide Stabilizer at $1.00/lb.?


Vinyl/Asbestos Flooring one of the largest PVC markets!

PVC-Clad Automobile Interiors------and "Fogging" of plasticisers on windshields!

PVC clear --and eventually yellow--convertible rear windows!

Ersatz leather jackets made from PVC foam coated fabric--stiffening upon dry cleaning!

If you do remember, then like me, you ARE older than dirt!!!:D


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