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March 06, 2005

Ramblings of a PVC Curmudgeon

Howdy all you "PVC Lovers" everywhere! Hopefully this blog will offer a vSkipenue for us to share our experiences,frustrations,funny stories,sad stories,historical trivia,and any other topics related to PVC.

I'm Skip Thacker, now retired in Silver City New Mexico after spending about 40 years(since 1958) in the chemical and plastics arena--mostly PVC, involved with all aspects of PVC science and technology---additive research and development,formulating,compounding,testing and processing (extrusion,calendering,molding,plastisols,foams).

Silver City is located in SW New Mexico, at 6000-7000' on the edge of the 3+ million acre Gila Wilderness forest, where we enjoy 4 gentle seasons with good clean, HCl-free air!! In addition to copper mines and ranching, we're famous as the childhood home of Billy the Kid! Check out our web site at www.silvercity.org

I'm having a ball with Cowboy Action Shooting as a member of the Gila Rangers,SASS(Single Action Shooting Society) affiliated shooting club-----where we dress in 1880's togs and compete with pre-1900 single action six guns,lever action rifles,and double barrel shotguns, using live ammo on steel targets. SASS is one of the fastest growing hobbies/sports, with over 60,000 shooters since its start in the early 90's. Check out the Gila Rangers web site:  www.gilarangers.com

I can be reached at:

P.O.Box 1377, Silver City NM 88062

Tel: 505-534-9098

email: [email protected]

Hope to have some dialog with y'all!!



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