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April 16, 2008

Plastics Bag Recycling

MORE EFFORT REQUIRED FOR BAG RECYCLING: Bag recycling, not bag bans, is the best solution for the plastic bag issue, said Keith Christman, senior packaging director for the American Chemistry Council in Arlington, VA. At the Plastics Recycling conference in Jacksonville, Christman called on industry to put more effort into the recycling of plastic bags. Giving a rundown of bans so far, he pointed out differences in emphasis and impact. The San Francisco ban aimed to replace Platicbags_2 conventional plastic carrier bags with compostable bags in large stores, he said. However, since that ban was instituted, paper bags are being used instead. Comparatively, Whole Foods Market, an Austin, Texas-based retailer of natural and organic foods, has banned plastic bags to promote reusable and paper bags, according to Christman. Litigation and fear of litigation has thwarted similar bans in Oakland and Fairfax, California, and has slowed the trend, he said. Christman said plastic bags are an environmentally responsible choice for several reasons. Conventional plastic bags use 70% less energy than paper bags, and 63% less than compostable plastic, he said. Their greenhouse-gas emissions are also 50% lower than paper and 77% lower than compostable plastic, he said. "Plastic bags use less water and generate less solid waste," he added. Also, a high percentage of consumers reuse plastic bags. Plastics News, 04/07/08, p. 8.


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