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January 25, 2011

City Bans PS Takeout Containers

CITY BANS PS TAKEOUT CONTAINERS:The city of San Clemente, California, has banned the use of expanded polystyrene containers by restaurants, supermarkets, delicatessens and other retail food vendors, effective July 1st.

Polystyrene takeout containers will be banned in San Clemente, California, beginning July 1st.

The ban, passed unanimously January 4th by the five-member city council, bans all PS trays, plates, bowls, lids, cartons, cups, hinged and lidded containers and any other PS items designed for one-time use for prepared food, takeout food or leftovers from partially consumed meals. It does not apply to single-use disposable straws or utensils. A similar ban in Hayward, California, also will go into effect July 1st. Three dozen California communities -- 33 cities and three counties -- plus the cities of Portland, Seattle and Issaquah, Washington, have bans on PS takeout containers. In addition, Los Angeles and four other counties in California have PS bans at citywide facilities and events. Plastics News, 10 January 2011, p. 19.


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