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Shown above is a Small Selection of Cosmetics Industry Products that were entirely Designed and Manufactured by our 'Plastic-Experts' for some of the most famous names in that business. We do quality work.  Shown below is one of Several Injection Molds Recently  Completed as Part of Plastic-Experts Ongoing 'Concept to Completion' Projects. Bringing our Plastic-Experts team on board at the very start of your project will optimize the process and eliminate costly reworking of product or mold designs by utilizing the expertise of  an experienced team with full project responsibility and capability.

Begin with your invention or idea, and Plastic-Experts will do the initial product design, determine an appropriate injection mold size from your estimate of manufacturing volume needs, design and build the mold(s), and bring the project to completion with an injection molding supplier we have pre-qualified to complete your project in a timely and cost effective manner.

Whether your needs are simple or complex, large products or small, design only, or turn-key project management, we can deliver for you. Our range of projects experience in over 25 years has included products as diverse as cosmetics caps and closure, automotive interiors, marine and underwater projects, and housewares, just to name a few. We have very likely created items in the past that are similar to your current needs.

Plastic Experts includes a full service Engineering group to address the need for product and mold design for plastic products.

We can take many projects from "concept to completion" providing full project management from the initial design phase through to selection and supervision of the product manufacturer.

We can also provide our manufacturing clients with a broad range of production equipment and software from leading sources here and in several other countries, to contribute to their efficiency and help them maintain their competitive position in the very demanding Plastic Industry.

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Bill Davis
Plastic - Experts
P.O. Box 321
White Marsh, Maryland 21162-0321

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